Virgo Love + Finances October 2019 #TarotTherapy

Virgo Love + Finances October 2019 #TarotTherapy

LOVE | TAROT CARDS: 4 of Wands, 10 of Swords RX, 3 of Wands, 5 of Cups RX

Virgo you are currently in a beautiful place that can support more harmonious and fruitful relationships of all kinds. You are learning what you need to to feel balanced and loved, and what types of people and characteristics ultimately add to your life. You are coming out of a cycle of disappointment and betrayal, where you may have martyred yourself for the sake of others, or lingered too long in situations that were harmful to you. The recovery process is underway but it is slow. You can strengthen you self-worth by having positive expectations for the future of your love life. You will have to guard your mind against slipping into hopelessness and depression about getting your emotional needs met. More is coming to you, and you need to continue cultivating the space in your heart to receive it.

FINANCE | TAROT CARDS: The Fool RX, Temperance RX

Virgo you may feel like you’ve had a few financial false starts recently. Perhaps you’ve started a new venture, or made a new financial commitment, and quickly found that it has put pressure on you. Things may not feel as comfortable as you were expecting, but don’t worry. This is an adjustment period teaching you vital lessons about balancing your resources so that you can expand and execute your plans in a sustainable and fruitful way. This is a good time for reorganisation, and getting honest about your habitual spending. What could more purposeful spending do for you?

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