Tarot Divination & Spiritual Counselling

£150.00 60 minutes

Tarot Divination & Spiritual Counselling

Tarot Divination & Spiritual Counselling

I work with clients from all over the world via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts or Zoom. Having highly developed clair skills I can connect to your energy just as well remotely as I would in-person; energy is not bound by the same time-space rules as physical matter.

This appointment is a blend of tarot divination and intuitive counselling. We’ll explore your questions using the tarot cards, I’ll share my findings and guidance on where you are on your spiritual journey, and any recommendations for healing work you need to do independently. In some cases, ritual work may be advised to support your journey. This is done by spirit request and with your full knowledge, consent & participation.

£150.00 60 minutes



Book a tarot divination appointment to explore where you are in your spiritual growth journey; receive personal guidance on your questions, and get confirmation and instruction for specific life decisions.

When required, ethical, and appropriate we may also address serious spiritual problems and misalignment; as well as have direct communication with your honourable ancestors and spirit team.

*My approach is to listen & maintain appropriate boundaries if your ancestors choose to be present and communicate, but I do not call on your ancestral connections unsolicited.  

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