Tag Yourself Oracle Deck


Tag Yourself Oracle Deck

Tag Yourself Oracle Deck

Tag Yourself: Wise Words for Remixed Perspectives
Oracle deck created by Janelle Burke

What do you want to know about life, love, and the human experience? For both the person who has never dabbled in divination and the experienced practitioner, this 36-card oracle deck is designed to keep things simple. There’s no guidebook, no interpretations, just straight delivery with a fun, accessible vibe. Beginner and pocket friendly, you can seek wisdom from the Tag Yourself Oracle any time.

How to use this deck:

  1. Be still. Find a quiet time and space to pray, meditate, or whatever practice calms and centres you.
  2. Shuffle. Ask your question as you do so.
  3. Pull your card. Pull more than one if you feel the need, but more than three might confuse the message.
  4. Reflect. Take what you need, leave what you don’t.

May these cards help you to approach life with love, intention, and a deep trust in your higher self.

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