Divination For Specialist Spiritual Questions

£150.00 50 minutes

Divination For Specialist Spiritual Questions

Divination For Specialist Spiritual Questions

This appointment is a blend of tarot divination and intuitive counselling to address challenging spiritual issues that are affecting your wellbeing or the direction of your life. This service is for existing clients and/or people who are committed to their spiritual growth and have a regular spiritual practice.

We’ll explore your questions using the tarot cards, I’ll share my findings and guidance on where you are on your spiritual journey, and any recommendations for actions you need to take or healing work needed.

E X A M P L E   T O P I C S:
Soul Purpose: E
xploring the crossroads of your life. Understanding what your soul wants to experience & learn. Finding work/creativity that compliments your soul path or purpose.
Ancestral Connections: This reading is for connecting with your elevated ancestors & receiving guidance, as well as addressing family issues or spiritual problems.
Soulmate Sessions: Specialist tarot reading for complex spiritual love issues. Twin Flames. Soulmates. Partners triggering the shadow. Past life relationships. Break-ups. Repeating karmic patterns. Deep heartbreak etc.

You will be sent a zoom link for your reading in your confirmation email.

£150.00 50 minutes



By engaging my services you agree to the following terms & conditions:
* to respect this is spiritual work and Leona’s first commitment is to her well-being both body and spirit. This includes necessary periods of rest to recharge her energy and care for herself. If there are occasions where additional time is required and your appointment needs to be moved Leona will get in touch with an adjusted time frame. Whenever possible appointment reschedules are generally offered for within 1-7 days of your original booking.
* You are committed to your personal and spiritual growth. You see this reading as just one part of the overall picture of what you do to grow personally and spiritually. You take full accountability for any decisions you make following a reading. Acknowledging that tarot counsel is up to you to apply or discard as you see appropriate using your own judgement.
*You are of clear and sound mind and able to participate in this reading willingly and freely.

If you cannot agree to all of the statements above you should not proceed with having this reading.

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