Open Divination | Talk To Your Deity

£350.00 2 hours

Open Divination | Talk To Your Deity

Open Divination | Talk To Your Deity

Deity work is very different than what you experience with ancestral presence or other supportive spirit guides. Deity energy is LARGE, and in their co-creation with me, they are inviting you to come for “judgement”. This isn’t the good/bad condemnation process you might have come across in Christianity. The deity realm is not abusive, bullying or spiteful. Divination as a process of judgement is to sit before god(s) as they review your life. They want to discuss your experiences with you, and offer you perspectives and insights that could change everything. 

This is a “temple experience”. As a priestess I will connect with the deity that is supporting you through your life. Or deities that desire to lovingly guide and nurture you if you are currently distanced from them. Your helpful ancestors and spirit guides will also participate in communicating helpful insights throughout the session.

This form of divination is created to answer your big questions; to discover who you are as a soul; your talents, and inherited spiritual abilities and inclinations. You will leave with a sense of clarity about your current creative purpose and what you want out of this human experience on a soul level. This is an interactive and conversational session and we will have ample time for you to ask me a variety of questions.

After the session a recording of the video call will be made available for you to keep, re-watch, and continue learning from.

For my existing clients there is an intermediate level of this session available involving traditional shamanism – please ask for more information.

£350.00 2 hours


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