Help, Did My Ancestors Lie?

£150.00 60 minutes

Help, Did My Ancestors Lie?

Help, Did My Ancestors Lie?

If you think your ancestral relationships or the spirit energy around you might not be functioning well. Or if you’re having difficulties with communication. Then book this session with me, I can help you. We’ll take a look at what’s going on. Particularly the ancestral energy you are carrying in your emotional field and in your body. We’ll bring through clear communication. Dismiss any unhelpful ancestral influences hanging around, and show you how to work with your beneficial ancestors and spirits. If there has been ancestral/spirit guidance that you’re worried was bad counsel or taking you off track, we’ll examine what’s going on there too. 

£150.00 60 minutes


Establishing healthy ancestral relationships is one of the best cultural changes I’ve seen taking place in Western society, especially amongst the Black diaspora. But sometimes things go wrong. “Ancestor” is a title we give to those family spirits who show up with the desire and ability to have a positive relationship with their descendents and the material world. They have a balanced relationship with power and influence. They show good character. 

However, some family members who have passed on from this life may seek connection to you that is mixed up with resentments or ill-will. They may have their biases and unhealthy projections. Or give you advice with a concealed unhelpful agenda. Or even if they are well-meaning you may be having crossed wires because of personal trauma or troublesome family history. I understand, I’ve been there. 

Like any other relationship, ancestral ones can have challenges, conflict or misunderstandings. We may need to learn to communicate better and to build trust and intimacy. There are even instances where an ancestral relationship is ready to be released and for you to form connections with different spirits and ancestors of a different path or skill.

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