Emotional Health Check: Intimacy & Dependency | Audio Download

Emotional Health Check: Intimacy & Dependency | Audio Download

This audio guidance is accompanies the public essay “Looking For Love In A Changing Economy”. You can listen to the essay on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or you can read the essay here: https://www.nicholeblack.com/looking-for-love-changing-economy/

What’s Included in this audio:

Understanding your emotional needs and what emotional experiences you are seeking

Learning your “Emotional Digestive System” and the connection between your feelings and your wellness

Emotional Mixed Signals and ways you (unknowingly) block intimacy

Valuing yourself as an emotional person

Healthy boundaries for your emotional availability

How to attract the intimate relationships you are craving

How to judge if people are capable of being intimate and interdependent

Approaches to maintaining your emotional health

Audio length: 30mins

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