Dream Divination


Dream Divination

Dream Divination

This dream divination service supports you in understanding the messages communicated to you in visions and dreams. Exploring your dream messages can align you with your purpose, give you direction and course correct illusions or blocks coming from unconscious parts of yourself. 

It is up to us to cultivate a deep connection to our intuition and a rich understanding of the symbolic world. Though intuition is individually experienced it is also part of a wider field of connection we share with others. You can see this as reading as me stepping into community with you as a prophet and an oracle to read the signs and themes in the stories of your dreams.


Please type your dreams in the box below. Your dream divination messages will be sent you in MP3 audio format within 5 business days.



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By purchasing this reading you agree…

* To respect this is spiritual work and Leona’s first commitment is to her well-being. Including periods of rest to recharge and care for herself. If there are occasions where additional time is required she will get in touch as soon as possible with an adjusted time frame (usually a day or two).

* You are committed to your personal and spiritual growth. You see this reading as just one part of the overall picture of what you do for yourself in the unfolding of your spiritual path and purpose.


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