Dream Divination


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Dream Divination

Dream Divination

This divination service supports you in understanding the messages communicated to you in visions and dreams. Exploring your dream messages can align you with your purpose and course correct illusions, blocks and misery you may hold in the seed of imagination. It’s this imagination that your physical life is projection of. 

Now more than ever there is a responsibility placed on us to become aware of our creative power, and to actively participate in the materialisation of our personal paths and interdependent communities and societies. This requires creativity, passion, vision, wisdom, inspiration and faith. It requires us to work with each other, our elders and spirit guides, and great divine spirit itself, to unfold something other than the suffering that has plagued this world for centuries. The era of the guru is over (thankfully) and it now falls to you to cultivate a deep connection to your intuition and a rich understanding of the symbolic world.

Please type your dreams in the box below. Your dream divination messages will be sent you in MP3 audio format within 14 business days.

*see further details and terms of service in the product description box at the bottom of the page.


Out of stock


Your Zodiac Sign & Dream/Vision:

Include your Sun, Moon & Rising if you know it. Otherwise your “star” sign is fine. So tell me, what did you see?

Terms & Conditions * 



*Please note that it is my birthday week commencing 14th September and I am taking a break. Any readings booked during my time off will be considered as booked from the 28th September and delivered within 14 days from then.

**If writing your dream presents an access barrier to you please put “tbc” in the dream description box and I will get in touch with additional methods for you to access this service. 

***If you would like to offer a creative exchange as a replacement for a monetary fee please get in touch at


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