Love + Finances September 2019 #TarotTherapy

Love + Finances September 2019 #TarotTherapy

Capricorn, your self-worth can be expressed at this time through your keen eye for what is of value, and your ability to create value through your hard work and devotion. You are solid under pressure and you don’t fold when things get hard. Whilst you don’t need to carry the whole world on your shoulders, you are capable of enduring a lot. This is not without its merits. Do you work harder than others? Definitely. Are you held to a higher standard? For sure. Do you go further in life, achieve more, do more, see more, know more, support more, and leave a legacy behind? Yes beloved. Let that be your focus when things get hard. Your self-worth can be rooted in your:


Capricorn, you may need to put some extra efforts into your projects at this time to see them through a declining or plateau stage. Setbacks aren’t a signal to quit and not seeing the returns you’ve been expecting doesn’t mean you haven’t done things correctly. Growth happens in cycles and stages. Money comes. Money goes. You will see a time of increased monetary flow again, just do what is necessary to maintain things for now.

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