Love + Finances October 2019 #TarotTherapy

Love + Finances October 2019 #TarotTherapy

LOVE | TAROT CARDS: Queen of Pentacles RX, The Lovers, Knight of Swords RX, Queen of Cups, The Wheel of Fortune

Capricorn, I’m feeling quite strongly that your threshold of self-esteem is creating a major block to love for you at this time, and this applies whether you are partnered or single, because it has everything to do with RECEIVING love. In fact, its bigger than even your sexual relationships. You are used to working hard and adding value, but are you able to acknowledge that YOUR worthiness is not attached to any measurable. It’s so easy to incorporate the unconscious belief that we are not enough, or that someone has not said or done X thing because they do not consider us “worth it”. This question of being worth it is a major wound. It sometimes stops you speaking your mind, or going after new experiences because you fear losing the comfortable place where you already feel loved and valued by others. Don’t deny yourself the joy of new experiences. This isn’t where love is capped for you. There is more.

FINANCE | TAROT CARDS: 9 of Swords, Page of Swords RX, King of Cups RX, Justice RX, Knight of Wands

Capricorn if you have had to manage your finances quite closely of late, or if there has not been enough money to make ends meet, the stress you’ve been under will slowly alleviate. You’ll be moving onto firmer ground, and also see opportunities to expand your current income. But you need to hold firm boundaries with people who may be super dependent on you at this time. it’s likely that your concept of what is fair to give weigh too heavily in favour of others. Your family may have taught you that you are their provider, simply because it suits the structure of family life they envision. You will have to make some major adjustments so that you have more freedom to pursue your own creative and financial goals. This doesn’t mean abandoning your commitments to others, but it will mean putting strategies in place so that others can work towards taking more responsibility and learning critical survival skills.

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