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The waning moon lingers this morning, like a loved one’s confession with their last breath. She looks back at you before vanishing into her Pisces haze. There’s no smoke without fire, and by this time tomorrow she’ll be riding the back of Aries; all passion and gusto, less willing to coax you along. So the question now is will you return with her to life again?  

The Moon is your death doorway. But it isn’t the overwhelming night of Scorpio. It’s more the sweet surrender of sleep into silence and warm and heavy blankets. The secret she wants to share is that your pain can change state. Your joy too. And change is the ever unfurling forest of uncertainty you have to let mother you. 

All feelings can stagnate and movement is the medicine today. But thumping out a 5k run, or fxcking for fun and freedom, whilst great for the animal you live in, are just hamster wheels for the spirit. This medicinal movement is the art of shape-shifting.

So these are your choices: the page and the four of pentacles; the two pillars of Virgo season – what you’ve got (now the harvest of your effort is in), and what you’ll give. 

You are draped in the fur and abundance of the past. Your successes, business ventures that soared, money you made, accolades you claimed, recognition, praise, qualifications, old loves, babies grown into young adult gifts. 

And all these things you’ve pulled tight around you as insulation for opportunities missed, friends turned foe, family gatherings skipped, dreams you said were lined by pipe. 

You are seizing up in the rocking chair of your feelings as though winter were already snapping at your feet. But the autumn baby, Virgo Page, comes to warm you into a gentle end with the promise of alternative futures, and old beginnings made brand new. 

Maybe some of the things you’ve wanted, needed even, have continued to allude you. Maybe they’ll never come. But you haven’t seen all there is, felt all there is. And the unexpected pleasure of the next season of your life is in the seed in your lap today. 

The moon lingered to repeat her message from yesterday. Gently, hoping to puncture your secret despair. Take some of what you have now and plant it. Invest in yourself. Make some small effort. You don’t have believe it all yet. Not in loving partnership, or financial freedom, of fertility, or the creative idea that just won’t come. If disappointment has tucked itself deep into your chest that’s okay. You don’t have to law of attraction #lifehack this. You only have to show up and give just a bit of what you have left. Plant your seed. Water it with whatever you are feeling. Let the sun take care of the rest. That’s shape shifting. 

Deck: Rider-Waite Smith
Message: Leona Nichole Black

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