June 2018 Tarot Soundtrack

June 2018 Tarot Soundtrack

I have something fun for us this month. I put together a Tarot soundtrack for June! 12 songs for each of the signs to help you think through the message I shared with you on my Youtube Channel “Leona Nichole Black”. Go ahead and listen to the whole thing (since all 12 signs are a part of you), or skip straight to the songs I chose for your sun/moon/rising sign…

1. Aries – Move Too Fast by Iman Omari (Feat. Anna Wise)

I know its the last thing you want to hear Aries, but you gotta slow down this month.

“She dropped the champagne and I cut/myself on broken glass
Group homes around us, she said baby/ don’t you move too fast
Baby don’t you move too fast”


2. Taurus – Sweet You by Phonte

“What could be sweeter than you?” This is the question I want you to ask about your dreams and desires this month. What could be sweeter? You know you want it. Admitting that is the first step to having it.

“First time is all about working through your baggage
The second time around it’s all about the baggage claim
Thank your maker, stack your paper
With a real one, major key, clavinet
Leave them other hoes on read like clarinets


3. Gemini – Talk to Me by Jordan Rakei

I chose one of my favourite jazz songs to help you cut through the loops of the mind and connect with the complex feelings you’ve been masking. You need to talk about the highs AND the lows you’ve been going through.

“You cannot compare yourself to me
We are different
Trapped inside a fake reality


4. Cancer – Sleep Like A Baby by K Michelle

Cancer the title for your reading this month is taken from a K Michelle album. I love this song and I chose it for you because I think the healthiest thing for you right now is to really express to yourself your disatisfaction with how you are being loved.

“Should I wake you up and let you know
I’m breaking every night while you sleep like a baby”


5. Leo – No One Like You Kaytranada Remix by Robert Glasper

Leo this is such a beautiful song and I want you to think about everything you are giving your love and time to right now. Do you recognise the beauty in the people and projects you’ve invested in? It might be time to admit to others or yourself “There’s no one like you”. 


6. Virgo – Distance by Emily King 

Your reading this month was all about going the distance and knowing when its time to leave. Knowing that you are not simply losing but moving towards more of what you want. This song will remind you everything is better when it is met with a deep and lasting connection to yourself.

“Love is always better
when we take time to get back to who we are”


7. Libra – Focus by H.E.R

Libra I want you to imagine your higher/inner self is singing this song to you. Not a lover. You. I want you to hear yourself say “Me, can we focus on me?”


8. Scorpio – FEEL by Kendrick Lamar

I had to choose something that reflected your struggle with the darkness without leaving you there. Who better than K Dot? It’s one of my favourite songs off a dope album and I think you need to hear yourself in the song… “Feel like ain’t nobody praying for me”. 


9. Sagittarius – Heal You – Sinead Harnett

Sag I chose this song for you as a good boundary between having more empathy for others, but not feeling the responsibility of saving them from themselves.

“I wish I could heal you,
but you’re the only one who can help yourself baby”


10. Capricorn – DBT Remix by Lioness, Little Simz et al

Cap I wanted to give you an anthem. Something to let you talk your shxt. You need to be gassed up abit so you can hone in on this huge vision spirit is placing on you. Listen to these Black British women body this track and embolden you.

“I’m not in no industry mood
I lick down any industry dude
I don’t care bout’ an industry feud
I go in, I know they’re into me too
I eat beats like a bit of free food”


11. Aquarius – Table for One by Ego Ella May

I mean that’s your vibe right? Nah, but honestly this is my favourite song right now. I know you’ve been reserving that table for one. Doing things your own way on your own time. But deep down you don’t want to go it alone. You have to surrender to the life you actually want.

“Deepak said detachment is the key to let go of who you used to be.
Still somehow I vibrate on your wave.
 try to reprogram my mind but it just won’t change”. 


12. Pisces – It’s Your World by Common

This song came up during your reading, and its the reason I decided to curate this soundtrack, so you’ve been a blessing to everyone. You are growing and the whole world is opening up in response to you.

“Be invited, be long-living, be forgiving, be not forgetful
Be a proud run, only to return to fight another day
Be peaceful if possible, but justice at any rate
Be high when you low, be on time but know when to go”

Listen to all the tracks below…








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