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Impediment • Daily Tarot Story | 270818

Lots of wonderful things have been said about yesterday’s Pisces full moon – that it was gentle, and healing and clearing. But maybe you’re like me and you’re weary of the new age oversimplification of moon cycles. Manifest now, release then blah blah blah.

Maybe you see that the changing states of the moon aren’t ctrl+alt+del buttons, they aren’t even space bars. They are more like camera lenses for your feelings. Or alarm clocks for your spirit cloaked in flesh.

The moon reminds us to ask “where am I in the grand scheme of things?” and for a lot of us today the answer is lost, or far from the feelings of home/love/success we’ve been mentally conjuring.

The Pisces full moon has gifted us a distorted message. One that has to be sent and re-sent because we aren’t understanding. Either a truth too sharp for the illusion we are clinging to, or a clue so abstract we discard it in our realism.

In today’s reading that message takes the form of a recurring tarot card: King of Wands. This King is symbolic of our unyielding desire. The primal and passionate parts of ourselves that are moved on impulse by an internal intuitive spark. This King is the part of us that roars at the end of the day over our hearts that go to bed hungry. This is a thirst that cannot be quenched with platitudes and compromise. He is – you are – unrelenting in what you want to make out of your life. Underneath. Underneath…

Underneath the three of swords. Your pain that won’t quit. The sorrow that stalks you. This is an ache that lives in the mind and fills rooms with so many memories that every other part of you feels homeless. No place to belong. This is the kind of heartache that doesn’t kill you – it just turns your heart to concrete and makes winter out of your bones.

Ironic then that the next card is the sun. Because you can’t participate. In joy, or faith, or hopefulness. Not really. Maybe some of you fake it. You show up for work, you dance at carnival, you fxck that person you find attractive, you eat good food at that restaurant, you answer your friend’s phone calls. And then you go home to your soul thirstiness and your King of wands love starved roar.

The sun says there is more. Reason to believe. Better in store. But you gotta three of pentacles work it out. And we all know toiling under the sun is back breaking work. Maybe it killed your ancestors. Or maybe in freedom they saw that love and life happens in seasons. So this is your work: plant seeds for tomorrow because spirit is ready to bless it. To gift you vitality and growth. But don’t just plant anything. Don’t plant flowers when you know you need to eat. None of this needs to be beautiful. But it does need to sustain you, and the King of Wands is unabashed in letting you know what will feed you for generations.

Plant in sorrow; reap in joy. Only one of the three pentacles is yours. The others are the gifts of God (benevolence) and the mutual exchange of community (attracting who and what you are). It’s your work to offer yourself to the world in whatever state you are.

Deck: Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Descort

Message: Leona Nichole Black

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