How To Find Your Rising, Sun & Moon Sign…

How To Find Your Rising, Sun & Moon Sign…

If you’re new to Tarot & Astrology then you’re probably looking at everything through your “star sign”. For example, if you were born around April you’d say “I’m a Taurus” or if you’re an October baby you’d say “I’m a Libra”. But this is an oversimplification of your chart. Astrology is a complex ancient philosophy. It has much more to tell you about your personality, purpose and potential than you’re probably aware of.

You actually experience all the energies of each of the 12 zodiac signs in some area of your life. You are not just an Aries, or just a Scorpio. When we name our star sign we are actually referencing what zodiac sign the Sun was in at the time we were born. In some astrological traditions we believe that at the moment of birth, the first breath, we become attuned with the world we have been born into. So all the planets have something to say about your journey through this life. The moon will tell you about your emotional needs, comforts and expressions. Mars will tell you about your ambition, your sex drive, and how you take action in the world. Uranus might tell you about how you seek freedom and progressive change etc.

The astrological birth chart is a symbolic picture of all of this. Using your date, time and place of birth you can find out where all the signs and planets relate to you and your life path. You’ll hear people mention their sun, moon and rising signs. This trifecta can tell us a lot about how we approach our day to day life. To find out yours use an online birth chart calculator. I quite like They have a handy little table that will give you most of what you need to know to get started.

Remember that online birth chart calculators are personalised to a limited degree. For example, you may read a description about what it means to have Mars in Taurus that might not ring true for you. This is because it’s pre-written information that  doesn’t take your whole chart into account. For example, someone with Mars in Taurus, who also has a lot of fire energy (lets say lots of planets in Aries) might not be very slow to act, as we would typically say of Taurus, because that energy is being counterbalanced by Aries. To understand your chart and all its interactive dimension you need to have a session with an astrologer like myself or someone else who’s work you respect.

In the meantime have fun finding out your sun, moon and rising signs. You can also watch tarot readings for these additional signs to get a more complete picture of your energy from month to month.

Much love,
Leona Nichole Black

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