Gemini Love + Finances October 2019 #TarotTherapy

Gemini Love + Finances October 2019 #TarotTherapy

LOVE | TAROT CARDS: Ace of Cups RX, 5 of Pentacles RX, 4 of Swords

Gemini, all your cards for this love message were reversed. It seems like you are going through or just coming out of a tough period in your love life. You may have felt like you over-extended yourself and was taken for granted, or perhaps you and a partner went through a major breakdown of intimacy and communication. The energy feels like you were together, but still facing life alone. For others, there have been false starts in love because finances have been dominating your time and energy, and preventing you from feeling open, flirtatious and light-hearted. Whatever the challenges have been, you are now in a recovery period, and it’s important you don’t rush yourself or your heart. Love hasn’t gone anywhere, but you will have to be gentle with yourself and others if you want to feel it’s sweetness again.

FINANCES | TAROT CARD: The Moon, 6 of Pentacles RX, 3 of Cups, 9 of Swords

Gemini, your money energy was quite difficult to feel, and honestly I think that’s a reflection of exactly where you are. It seems like you are in a slower financial cycle. Some of you have not even noticed and your spending remains out of control and completely beyond your means. For others, you are really concerned about your long term stability but don’t have answers about how to resolve any financial blocks. The best advice I can give you is to make a concerted effort to address the emotions that are sabotaging you. Whether that’s fear or depression about your situation, or it’s over spending to fill a love deficit and deep desire to be nurtured. Take the first step whether that’s having difficult conversations with creditors, or communicating with friends and family about your emotional needs.

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