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December presents you with the HangedMan card. This is a kind of “do not pass go” energy. You’re likely to find it quite frustrating, at a time when most people are reflecting on the year gone, and starting to raise expectations about what they can be or achieve in 2019. You are at risk of still being on that bullshxt tbh. There’s something you haven’t reckoned with and it doesn’t matter how much time passes, the only change that matters right now is within.

On #InsecureHBO Season 3 Daniel is frustrated with seeing others progress ahead of him despite his commitment and talent. But what’s really blocking him is his arrogance and stubbornness, as well as his habit of doubling back to spaces of disrespect e.g. his situationship with #Issa. This month you have to see what broken records are still playing as the sound track of your life. What’s been done that you keep resurrecting? Who are you still trying to work with despite your visions being at odds? Where are you lacking insight and discernment, because you’d rather stay moving than sit back and observe?

There are experiences and people who can add to your life that gusto you thrive on, but there’s a disconnect because you’re a little lost right now. You don’t need to go anywhere; you’ll know where you are as soon as you look at your habits and see what you’ve become.


If you’re not making all the time for pleasure right now you’re playing yourself. This 9 of pentacles energy opened up last month and it’s still going strong. You’ve persevered through a difficult couple of years and it’s awards season for you. But you might not have realised this is not a vote selected by your peers. You’re expected to push through Snoop Dog style like: “I’d like to thank myself…” This is the lesson for you because if left to your own devices you’d keep moving from one goal to the next. Your ability to honour yourself in this moment is setting the precedent for how you’ll be treated next year.

Stay above the fray because there are still people who are set on trying you. You see how Derek from #InsecureHBO was never in the mix. Good husband, loyal friend, respected for his work, minding his own business. This should be December goals for you. Treat yourself, love up on your people, congratulate your community and keep it moving.


I would normally expect you to be a social butterfly around this time but it seems like you are fresh from the cocoon and adjusting to your new sky view perspective. For sure, you’ve had a lot of success this year, but as is the nature of life, it hasn’t been all encompassing.

Abit like Chad from #InsecureHBO, despite the fun you’ve been having, it seems like some things are off on the home front. Some of you will weather this storm, others will see endings before this year is through.

Whichever situation you find yourself in be careful not to make sweeping judgements about what it means for you. Your energy for the month is #Temperance. Take the highs with the lows. A lot has changed for you and your situation is recalibrating to the settings of soul satisfaction. It will make sense on the other side. Just let things sway for a while until they’re ready to settle into your new normal.


This month you’re as misguided as Lawrence from #InsecureHBO. The Scorpio related energy of late has you all the way in your feelings and truthfully, spirit says you’ve got it wrong. You’re making a judgement about a situation from the darkness. Whether that’s your fears and wounds, or simply not having enough facts. For some reason you’re determined to find something concrete right now. You want decisions and movement and finalisation. But it’s the wrong impulse.

You’re looking like Lawrence in a post-Issa haze, about to make some bad decisions e.g. fall into something or someone to distract yourself or satisfy your need to make a choice. Let things be. You need to be at peace with shxt and what that looks like is going to be different for all of you. Some things are beyond your control. You’re waiting for the tide to change so you can start feeling something else. For now, master the emotions this particular stage is conjuring.


It seems a little uncharacteristic for you but you’re avoiding responsibilities this month. I don’t mean your chores and obligations. I mean the stuff it takes to really take your life to the next level. I know a lot has been put on your plate this year and it seems like you’re a little over the work of it all. But life is coming at you fast and your mane – your reputation, your image, your track record – is way too big for you to play small, and like you don’t know the rules. Your energy for the month is #7ofSwords and it involves deceiving yourself.

Picture the grossly underdeveloped character Kelly from #InsecureHBO. Cookie cutter big girl sexuality and comedy on cue, but no room for exploration of who she is, or she wants to be, or who she might want to truly see her. You know your role. You can entertain, you can be life of the party. But as this year closes are you clear on the goal? On the dream? It’s okay to rest, but not to pretend. Step up, because what you’re building is not only for you. But because of that, you don’t have to make this happen alone. You’re loved. There are people who will invest in you, but the vision is yours. Get to it.


It’s the end of being alone. Last stretch baby. For sure, someone switched the lights off last month, and you haven’t liked this darkness at all. But you’re good right? You’re through the worst of the disappointment, and you’re back to that stability you feel when you can keep your own company. You’ve needed to master this. You’ve needed to know being alone doesn’t have to mean being disconnected. Now that you know you’ve got you regardless, you can approach your relationships with inner security.

Abit like Tiffany from #InsecureHBO navigating her pregnancy, and feeling a little out of sync with her single and child-free friends, you haven’t felt the level of belonging you’ve craved this year. It has stirred up some depression at times, and it’s kept you away from others longer than is good for you. That inner critic has gotten strong, and you’ve re-emerged with hesitation and self-doubt. You’re loved Virgo, if you can find the courage to share yourself you’ll see the world is as much worth belonging to as your cave is.


Libra, I don’t want to get on you about the same thing over and over. But spirit said telling you repeatedly is a form of love. It’s the mirror you need. So this December your message is to see where you accommodate an internal war for the sake of everyone else’s peace. 5 of wands RX says you are tied up in a knot because of it. You hate disharmony, we know this. So why do you have record breaking perseverance when it comes to putting up with shxt that’s at odds with your wellbeing? You are conflict avoidant it’s true, but since YOU are everywhere you go, are you really escaping it? Start figuring out the conditions for your peace. Put that need to please to good use and make yourself happy.

You’ve been approaching things like Tasha from #InsecureHBO. Pretending that you don’t feel overlooked and short-changed by a situation that is so much less than the potential you stay believing in. People won’t say no to you making them happy at your own expense. Lawrence sure didn’t. You’re in debt and it’s a cycle of emotional malnourishment that is only becoming more and more entrenched. There are beautiful thing

s to do with your life but you stay overdrawn when its time to invest in yourself. Settle your debts love. Spend your time, your love, your money, on yourself. That’s how you’ll move things forward. Period.


Now that you’ve decided no one understands you, loves you right, sees your value, are you happy? You’re feeling very sorry for yourself this month. Venus retrograde was not easy for you, and I know you’re feeling like nothing goes deep enough right now. You’re tired of the trivial and the surface. You feel like the only one of your kind. And you’re over not having your soul touched. I know. I get it. But you’re not all water and emotion, you are also Mars ruled and this year you haven’t really created with passionate intention. You’ve coasted along with work and responsibilities. Some of you are pissed off and defensive after reading that. But how much of what’s in your life now is a result of a deliberate goal? Life has been happening to you. Some of this funk you are feeling is just built up energy. You’re frustrated. And without an outlet it compresses into depression.

I want you to think of yourself as Dro from #InsecureHBO. You see that attitude he gave Molly at Tiffany’s baby shower, meanwhile he’s starting a family of his own with his whole wife. That’s you. The two things don’t connect. You want emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy but you isolate yourself. You want to take your projects to the next stage but you keep your ideas a secret, so the right collaborators never know there’s an opportunity. Spirit is currently leaving you to your own devices. You really gotta get it together and put yourself out there fully. Decide what you want and go after that shxt. Don’t make other people an excuse for being unhappy.


What’s this hankering for home? Whatever you’ve seen and experienced this year hasn’t been enough to fulfil you and your wanderlust seems to be waning. It won’t be permanent of course. But you’re feeling like the only sober person at a rave you’ve been to ten times before – this isn’t fun anymore. I see you wanting connection, family, love. I see you watching some great hope or dream start to fade away. It’s okay. Things are changing. A major life stage is over but it’s giving way to a new dimension of experience for you. It will be the expansion you didn’t know you needed, and this distance you’ll travel in mental and emotional growth will make the home-bound months feel worth it.

You’re Nathan from #InsecureHBOstanding at the doorway after ghosting Issa. Admitting shortcomings, filling in gaps, asking for help. For the next few months you need to let people really see you, know you. This is a crucial stage because the relationships you solidify now will become the company that will go to the ends of the earth with you, and the love you can come home to.


Capricorn this month you are full of creative ideas and ambitions, and these aren’t pipe dreams. You aren’t the kind of person to be all talk, or start things and abandon them half done. I see a lot commitment and strong intention coming from you. But there are few pieces of the puzzle missing. Some areas where you’re not quite sure how to make things happen. Your need to see the whole picture could be getting in the way right now as it’s an expression of control issues. Failure is not an option… Except it is. If you can accept that there may be benefits from the unexpected, and wisdom gained from detours, you’ll stop being hard on yourself for long enough to gain the insight and inspired solutions you’re seeking.

Think of yourself as Molly from #InsecureHBO in a new law firm, ostracising colleagues and sacrificing burgeoning relationships because she’s fixated on getting ahead by any means necessary. You’re getting to the top. None of us doubt this. But a lot of the time the destination is not all-consuming with satisfaction in the ways we think it will be. So make sure your ultimate commitment is to yourself, and the journey.


The latter half of 2018 has been good for you but in the most understated ways. What you’ve gained is wisdom and maturity. The kind of things people don’t text you congratulations about! I do think you’ve seen some progress on the career front too. But for the most part, you’ve been understanding where you were fxcking up. All the times you’ve been in your own way. You’ve been quietly, steadily, self-correcting and its paying dividends. It’s a slow process but you’re getting free. You have big hopes and dreams and I see a lot of that becoming a reality for you. So see this time as a crucial preparation period. Everything you’re doing now is so that you’re ready when the call comes, for love, creativity and all the other good stuff.

In 2019 you’ll find yourself unexpectedly promoted into all kinds of favourable situations, abit like Frieda from #InsecureHBO getting a promotion over Issa. #WhitePrivilege. Except, you’ll be more deserving. It will be a test of your character. The foundation you’re building now will determine everything.


This month you’re overworked and undecided. I could feel your exhaustion beginning to build in November and it seems like you might have finally tapped out. You’re still there, still working, still showing up, but you’re going through the motions. You’re heart isn’t really in it. You’re conflicted about a lot, but the source of the problem is not remotely near the things you’ve been thinking about. You’ve been pondering your feelings but they’re just the waves, they’re not the pull of the tide itself.

Issa from #InsecureHBO is a quintessential Pisces: forever wrapped up in fantasy, in love with love, and easily distracted. So let’s get to the root of things. Like Issa, you’re feeling stuck, mostly likely in your career but it could be other areas too. You’re building and putting in the effort, but you don’t know how to really take things to the next level and grow your output/influence/income. You’re definitely doing shxt, like Issa being the building manager and working for Lyft, but you’re energy is misdirected. Your heart isn’t in it because it’s elsewhere. You need to use this holiday period to locate it. Forget the outcome; how much you want to make, the lifestyle you want, the accolades you dream of. What do you really want that you’ve denied or given up on. The thing you think is impractical or hopeless. Does it hurt abit to think about it? Feel it. Start your life plan from there.

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