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I don’t want to write today’s tarot story. But, of course, we get two very earthy cards asking me to show up. 

It’s Virgo season, the archetypal “save for later” sign. She rules the harvest – makes sure Cancer and Taurus can binge-eat all winter. And so she’ll shut down any emotion that isn’t functional, that doesn’t serve the goal she’s working on now. Because work is Virgos first love. Service. She gets a rise out of it. And she wants things to be orderly, not necessarily neat. Feelings are messy, unpredictable, adamant. And she’s the other mother of the zodiac that says “it’s bed time now, we’ll talk about it in the morning”.

And morning will come, after whatever you are mourning. I only half-believe this as I type it. But remember, a few days ago I said your bruised and beaten miniature-sized faith was enough? So yea, morning. Mourning. Morning.

The Hierophant says make a temple out of yourself, a place of worship. Make your work a ritual practice. It’s not for others as much as you think it is. Not for your boss, not for your customers, its not for your instagram followers. It’s for making you wise. It’s for finding the other voice. The one that speaks through the crucible of time.

You are the sage you are seeking; but I don’t mean that literally.  You, your human self, living through this sacred animal, don’t know shxt. And when things get real affirmations alone won’t tame your fear of being utterly lost in the woods.

The part of you devoted to your purpose is where the knowing lives; the you that makes god manifest whenever you create. And that’s who wants to teach you today. So wherever you are in your process, whatever you are afraid of failing at, you can’t. Everything you are doing is to make this reality clearer for you. No one else. What you do is already good enough for you. 

Deck: Thoth Tarot
Message: Leona Nichole Black


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