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This is the sense I refuse between sobs of tears, a truth you could never convince me of then: that everything can turn itself over into feeling so wonderful again. And it doesn’t take much. Drastic change is unwanted. But the gentle touch of hope that has waited for consent? Yes. Waited in the corners and watched you. Waited for you to be ready to hear something other than all your heartache on repeat. She has titled her head, approached, and backed away again. And when you eventually stop flirting with quitting everything, she comes to you. A simple step, maybe you start eating again, and she tastes like sunshine. You get that spark back in your eyes. A sign of life. You’re not ready to denounce your sadness yet. You want people to know that it almost killed you. But you have something you might just want to stay alive for: Page of Wands.

It’s an idea; or it’s an inheritance – something that represents the many bodies you were born from; or it’s a clarification of purpose; or it’s devotion to what is yours – a child, an ageing parent; or its the magic of making a new dream manifest; it’s a wand you’re holding after all, and this is no trick.

This is the remix, a revised message. You are ready, fear not withstanding, to share yourself. This is movement, new territory, naiveté and inexperience. But its also the intensity of fire that demands to be seen now. It won’t wait for Virgo perfection, but it will let her revise and refine you on the way to where you are going. You are already worthy, but the journey will prove it to you. Speak love, the whole world is listening.

Deck: Rider-Waite Smith
Message: Leona Nichole Black


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