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Sometimes you become busy enough to forget you are grieving, and today’s cards are a flat reminder not to sell yourself on that illusion.

I can feel this reading resisting beauty. It’s demanding the sanguine practicality that a Virgo does best. So here’s your seasonal message: you have been stuck in a fantasy. Conjuring up some wistful desire and fully entertaining it like the lusty strokes of solo sex.

You cum repeatedly at the idea of something, and find yourself bereft in the anti-climax. It’s not happening, despite your patience and prayers. Despite your intention filled prep. Whatever it is, today you go without, and Elegguá laughs.

You have misunderstood like the last in line of chinese whispers between toddlers. Something in your life is misaligned. And it is not for want of trying. You have stretched your mind and borrowed the thoughts of others. But Elegguá says “wrong” and laughs again.

You are not without help though. La Place shows up at this crossroads to show you this answer is not for the mercurial master Elegguá. Your illusions are not wrong as long as you know that they are ripples in water. A reflection. You have mistaken yourself for the person in the mirror and now like Rafiki to Simba, you must remember who you are.

You cry over what is not because you have forgotten the secrets of how things become. Understand the connection between the seen and unseen: the mind is the last to perceive reality. What is true for you? Not in your fantasies because you can’t bear to believe. Not there. What truth is your heart harbouring that the world has taught you to distrust? What truth did you discard because you can’t see? It won’t show up in the ripples if it isn’t there on the other side, in the unseen. Let yourself believe. Recover your truth and live by it.

Deck: New Orleans Voodoo Tarot
Message: Leona Nichole Black




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