Cancer Love + Finances November 2019 #TarotTherapy

Cancer Love + Finances November 2019 #TarotTherapy

LOVE | TAROT CARDS: 6 of Wands RX, The Emperor RX, Queen of Pentacles, 3 of Cups

Cancer, this is a time when you should expand your concept of love to your friends and family. You may be having setbacks in your love life, power struggles with partners, or feeling like you can’t quite direct things according to the big beautiful vision you have for yourself. It’s okay, this retrograde is an emotional re-wiring for you. Don’t overburden your romantic connections. You will find that your friends and chosen family are very receptive to you now. Prioritise joy, it keeps your heart open.

FINANCES | TAROT CARDS: 10 of Swords, Death, 2 of Cups, Knight of Pentacles

Not quite flowing the way you are hoping huh? You’re in a declining phase of your financial cycle but there is absolutely nothing negative about it. With this slowing down your bad habits are being starved. You are learning how to be content with less, how to make a lot out of a little. You’ll be taking these skills into the next phase which is marked by partnership. Some of you will be working with your lovers, or finding investors. You will have what you need to take action on your plans. For now, do all your preparation. The resources will come.

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