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Virgo isn’t just the clean up crew for your Leo-morning-after like they like to tell you. She’s not black bin liners for the bottles you emptied screaming bottoms up whilst sun drunk.

No, she’s a cold shoulder for the overstayer. Here to remind you that the summer company has been cute, but your inner world is your first home and its calling to you – soul solitude. 

Autumn, like the hermit, is underrated. Most days we’re pedal to metal pushing for some other future, some other feeling, and we don’t respect the transition. Period. 

But seclusion is as delicious as post-sex sleep. Because Virgo synthesises in solitude. And this summer of retrogrades and eclipses have dumped fifty crates of childhood photos and keepsakes at your door step, (metaphorically speaking that is). Today’s message is take it all in and sift through it. Make sense of the months gone. And if that’s too much to ask, at least make peace. 

Nature is doing her most sultry seasonal dance for us. Leaves curling under and flooding with new colour. Her shift is like kissing a lover goodbye at the doorstep. The last sign of love and a lip-synced promise of more to come. Tuck yourself in and stay for her show. Because what is nature but beauty demonstrated?

Today I have sunflowers, roses and lilies outshining me and I make space for them; in my room, on my desk, in my heart. I’m humbled. 

Like the variety in flowers we have choices to make, but our options have not been infinite. You are all grown up now, and Saturn wants you to know why tough boundaries were forced on you. Now that winter is coming he wants you to see the white walkers beyond the wall – death, disease and destruction. This is not about rousing your fear, but inspiring your surrender to the limits placed on your love. You have not been denied anything, as big or small as the world you find yourself in today, it’s all yours, master yourself here. 

Deck: Spirit Messages by John Holland
Message: Leona Nichole Black


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