I am an intuitive and empathic tarot practitioner with a holistic approach. This means I integrate astrology, numerology, Black radical pedagogy, and other forms of alternative knowledge into my spiritual practice.

By profession I’m a cultural sociologist and passionate educator, and this informs my approach to the spiritual arts. I believe in the integration of the mind and the heart; that the intellectual has a place in the spiritual, and this can be the most beautiful and empowering aspect of the esoteric.

VLOG SERIES: Introduction to Tarot (Blackness, Intuition & Tarot)

I am flexibly available for Skype/Facetime readings, and many of my clients find this more convenient. You can engage with me live, see your reading unfold and ask questions. You will be sent a photo of the reading after the session so you can continue to reflect on the message.

Prices: A focused tarot session is 30-45mins and costs £20. Wide-view tarot sessions are 60mins or more and cost £28.

Skype/Facetime readings can be booked by emailing

I am committed to keeping my tarot readings affordable and accessible to my community. Therefore, I offer a three card tarot spread that addresses a single question. You will receive your reading via email, and in written form with a picture of your cards within 48hrs of booking.

Price: Email tarot readings cost £10, and payments are made via Paypal.

Please email me at to request your reading.


I offer regular face to face tarot readings in central London. Tarot readings can address questions about your career, love life, family dynamics, life purpose and so much more. The tarot cards and layouts I use are tailored to each client. Prices: A focused tarot session lasts 30-45mins and costs £20. Wide-view tarot sessions are 60mins or more and cost £28.

Follow IG: nicholeblackonline for updates. You can also book your reading by emailing me at


Hi Leona,

I wanted to thank you so much for the reading. I cannot describe the sense of self assuredness I feel, the peace and trust in myself. This is all a gift from the reading. Thank you especially for holding space for me, for unearthing and helping me name the thing that I find most difficult and most painful to fully confront. I will never forget that.
I am thinking of you and telling all the black women I know about your work. Thank you so much.

– Tally | 30/07/17


Thank you so much for the reading yesterday Leona. I’m still processing it all tbh. Was so compassionately honest and resonant. Having my truths validated by The All High, I feel much more congruent for real. Your tarot reading really emboldened me babe – thank you so much!!

– Isabella | 02/06/17


It is a legal requirement that I include a disclaimer on this site:

In accordance with UK law I must state that tarot readings given here are for entertainment purposes only. Clients are responsible for their own life choices and decisions; I am not qualified to give legal, financial, or medical advice.

Whilst I practice Tarot as a healing and transformational tool, it cannot and should not replace medical health advice from a trained professional. You should never forgo seeing a doctor if you have any concerns about your physical health.

This service is for over 18s only. By using this service you confirm that you are over 18 and that you understand and agree with these terms.

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Why you lying? Mercury Retrogrades are Great!

Why you lying? Mercury Retrogrades are Great!

I am quite precise in my communication. In fact, when I’ve argued with lovers, they’ve told me “You meant to say that. You choose your words very carefully”. It’s true. I’m Virgo sun and moon, ruled by Mercury; I’m very discriminating in my communication. So I’ve been quite hesitant about saying publicly that I don’t see mercury retrogrades as the nightmares they are often described as. I feared it was a facetious thing to say, and therefore I’d be bound to attract an awful retrograde experience to teach my pride a lesson.  But whatever, it’s my truth. I’m learning not to suppress the things I truly think, or the bass in my voice.

Behind the veil of my careful comms was the most efficient repression of all thoughts and feelings I didn’t think were ‘good’. It created a very cool and restricted expression of myself. I am not one to lose control; and since I am not omniscient and omnipresent this makes life stressful, not to mention boring AF. Especially because it was affecting my sexual energy too. I’m skilful for sure (Virgo pursuit of perfection), but I’ve found it hard to uncap and freely express my deep running passion.

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