Tarot Spread: Past, Present, Future

Price: £19 | Description:

This 9 card reading looks at the dynamics of your past, your current position & the experiences you can expect in the near future. If you are looking for general guidance this is an excellent spread because it can incorporate love, career, family dynamics etc. Email me at for a personal reading.

Tarot Spread: Bxtch Don’t Kill My Vibe

Price: £19 | Description:

This tarot spread is focused on identifying the sources of conflict & difficulty in our lives – this can be other people, energies, or our own patterns. If you are having a WTF moment, then this spread is for you! Email me at for a personal reading.

Tarot Spread – Past Present Future

Price: £19 | Description:

This love and relationships reading gets to the heart of the matter. Whether you are single and wanting to attract more love into your life, or in a relationship and looking for clarity and guidance, this spread will delve into the love energies to reveal the dynamics at play, and empower you toward a greater alignment of love in your life.


Thank you so much for the reading yesterday Leona. I’m still processing it all tbh. Was so compassionately honest and resonant. Having my truths validated by The All High, I feel much more congruent for real. Your tarot reading really emboldened me babe – thank you so much!! 💓💓💓

– Isabella Quox | 02/06/17

Common Questions – Tarot & Spirituality

Common Questions – Tarot & Spirituality

What kind of tarot reader are you?

I am an intuitive and empathic tarot practitioner with a holistic approach. This means I integrate astrology, numerology, Black radical pedagogy, and other forms of alternative knowledge into my spiritual practice.

By profession I’m a cultural sociologist and passionate educator, and this informs my approach to the spiritual arts. I believe in the integration of the mind and the heart; that the intellectual has a place in the spiritual, and this can be the most beautiful and empowering aspect of the esoteric.

How do I book a tarot reading with you?

To book a reading you can email me at, or contact me via my Facebook page, and from there we can agree an appointment. I am currently based in Leeds for in-person readings, and I offer Facetime/Skype remote readings too. I accept payment via paypal, and this must be received at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

It’s important to note that whilst Tarot is certainly a healing and transformational tool, it cannot and should not replace medical health advice from a trained professional. You should never forgo seeing a doctor if you have any concerns about your physical health. Continue Reading

Coming to Terms: The Use of Gender in Spiritual & Esoteric Communities

Coming to Terms: The Use of Gender in Spiritual & Esoteric Communities

When we say male/female or man/woman there are ideas and behaviours that we associate with those words, and those ideas don’t disappear in spiritual, religious or esoteric communities. The framework of woman-man is meaningful in our culture and I make no pretence about doing away with those concepts; but rather I seek to deepen our understanding of how we shape our lives by making some important contrasts: most pertinent to this conversation, and what informs my existential philosophy, is that to say feminine and masculine is not the same as to say man or woman.

I first started thinking seriously about gender when I was introduced to Black feminist thought in my late teens. Prolific intellectuals and theorists bell hooks and Patricia Hill Collins inspired me to pay attention to the things I had assumed were an ordinary part of being a Black girl becoming a woman. Things I had unconsciously associated with my sense of place and value in the world; namely, to give as much of myself as possible in service of others. There is some virtue in that belief, but Black feminism showed me how fragile and undeveloped my sense of self was. As well as the deep debt of love I was accumulating in a culture that had nothing to say about how Black girls could care for themselves. Continue Reading

Leona Nichole Black is a cultural sociologist and creative conversationalist. She works as a passionate educator, Black mental health advocate, and tarot practitioner.
IG: @nicholeblackonline
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