Tarot Meditation: Will You Breakthrough? 17.10.16

Tarot Meditation: Will You Breakthrough? 17.10.16

Ten of Swords • Ace of Wands • Justice • Star (Reversed) • Six of Earth – Breakthrough • Nine of Earth – Accumulation (reversed)


We may start this week feeling pinned down by our thoughts, as represented by the ten swords in the back of the wanderer. In this context, this is not a betrayal by others, but of ourselves as a result of our reluctance to trust our own intuition and higher wisdom. The owl perches above knowingly, and as a sign that our inner wisdom is always close by and available for us to call upon. Perhaps we have found ourselves in this position through too much focus on the bareness in our lives, what has not been growing, what is not changing in the ways we would like; and this thought process has stifled our ability to manifest outwardly the flourishing we feel within. Rather than the traditional meaning of a deadly foe, the purple monkshood in this reading represents hope. The star card in reverse warns us that in this position we are at risk of becoming disconnected from the source of our power; but that we can always call on god/spirit/universe/Jesus/Isis/Oshun – whichever divine power you connect with – to lift us out of our current position.

The advice card for this week is 11. The Power of Self-talk: “When my self-talk is kinder, I am empowered by my capacity to pursue my dreams and believe myself”. Practice compassion toward yourself this week. You may feel wounded, there may be areas of pain, but this can all be healed by directing your love inward.

tarot-2The Ace of Wands followed by the ten of swords represents a new beginning. The “ten” energy shows us that we are ready to break and complete the cycle of defeat that may have been present in our lives. This may be the last time we will return to this lesson, and if we are able to take stock of what we have learnt, there is a new challenge ahead of us. One that will inspire. The butterfly represents the messages and the guidance we will receive, but also our own expansion out of the darkness and the solitude of the cocoon, (we might imagine it to have felt like that ten of swords environment), and the difficulties connected with that process. We are ready to start over with passion and creativity (the wands energy), and our new wings see us starting from a higher vantage point – the wand is planted on a hill!

tarot-3This message is supported by the Six of Earth card underneath – Breakthrough! This is what our new beginning will feel like. The feminine spirit energy emerging from the bowl tells us that what we will be giving at this point in our lives… is ourselves. It isn’t the material thing, the job, the partner, the project, or anything else that is going to see your external world flourish. It is actually YOU that we have all been waiting for. You are the gift. You and your unique perspective, doing what you are supposed to do in your own lane. This is what turns the desert of the swords card into the abundant environment you have been striving for.


tarot-4Breakthrough however does not come without struggle. Our new beginning/breakthrough sits in the middle of the reading showing us what external forces we must contend with in our order to achieve this. Not only must you overcome your inner doubt and distrust, but you cannot bring the awareness of scarcity of your past into your present. The nine of Earth (Accumulation) in reverse and the Justice card with it’s Libra scales cautions us to find balance. We must find mental balance firstly, moving away from the oppressive thoughts of ten of swords toward single-mindedness. This will create a context for outward balance. The scales remind us to treat others fairly this week. Now that we are leaving our personal drought we are not to hoard. We increase the energy of growth in our lives by giving.


Leona Nichole Black