Tarot Meditation: A Way Through the Illusions [31.10.16]

Tarot Meditation: A Way Through the Illusions [31.10.16]

Four of Fire – Completion (reversed) • Daughter of Fire (reversed) • Four of Air – Contemplation (reversed) • Father of Fire (reversed) • Ace of Air • Eight of Water (stagnation)

Clarifiers: Two Major Arcana cards – Star & Clown

Advice cards: 14. Asking Opens a Pathway & 7. Loving from the Inside


When I sat with my cards this morning I intended to read the energies for this week, but whilst shuffling I felt lead to be more specific and ask for advice along two lines: 1. What will help us stay grounded 2. What will keep us connected to a love-based reality?

I chose to pull from The Vision Quest Tarot and Soulful Woman guidance cards, because they have a gentler energy than some of my other decks. I was feeling somnolent, and not quite ready to face the intensity and density that is currently with us following the New Moon in Scorpio, Diwali for those of us who observe, and Halloween/All Saints Eve today.

father-of-fireLooking at this spread there is a lot of fire energy in our lives this week. The father of fire appears to set his world ablaze, and we see appellations above his head representing past lives and spirit guides. In reverse position this card indicates that this fire energy is going to turn our lives upside down in some way. Expect change this week. Shortly after pulling these cards I found out my PhD supervisor had resigned from her role at the university, and she’ll be leaving the country in a matter of months. I haven’t lost any of my composure because I understand that fire cannot be controlled, and it often causes redirection as we avoid it’s burning and unpredictable path. On the card the father of fire’s expression is resolute knowing that this must be done, and the burning away is a part of life cycles. As my teacher moves on with her journey she is making way for a new cycle of guidance in this final stage of my doctoral journey. Likewise, it is important that you see what is coming to you as a result of what is leaving. But of course, seeing clearly is the primary challenge of this week.

four-of-fire-and-fatherThe father of fire is crowned by the card four of fire in reverse. As fire clears it leaves behind a haze of smoke. I’m writing this to the scent of French Vanilla, White Amber, and White Lily with Peony. I’m a huge fan of scented candles in my home, and this card reminds me of the puffs of smoke I create by blowing out the flames.  In reverse, this card of completion is showing us that a cycle in our lives has ended, but the smoke has not cleared and so we can’t quite see the next step yet. The daughter of fire in reverse shows us that the sun – our next stage, our hopes, the light in our lives, the creative fire – is just behind the smoke. It will be easy this week to lose sight of this, to lose our way in the fog of all these endings. The four of air (contemplation) card in reverse cautions us not to try to think our way through. The four feathers show us just how easy it is for our thoughts to blow from one way to the next, and the moon symbolises all the things that remain hidden to us right now. Personally, these last couple of days I have found myself moving between hope and confidence to fear and doubt and back again.

ace-of-airIn the same way that the human eye cannot see a clear path through smoke, the insight of your mind will not serve you this week. The advice for staying grounded is 14. Asking Opens a Pathway – “When I ask questions of my inner being, I discover beautiful and helpful answers that always come to me.” You will need to feel your way through. Use your intuition to find your next step. Move from your head space to your heart space. Take this as an opportunity to pay attention to the health of your heart chakra. The Ace of Air card tells us that we stay connected to love by holding one thought. This is a week for meditation. Whatever the sun represents in your life – for me it is relationships of unconditional love – hold that image daily, use your heart chakra to feel that truth, so that you create that vibration inwardly. Then you will know how to move toward it outwardly, as deeply as you know yourself. The advice card for staying connected to love is 7. Loving from the Inside “It is a blessing to give myself the gift of my own presence.” You will need to find time to be alone this week. Give yourself permission to tune out. If you are in the habit of being there for everyone else, know that it is time to show up for yourself. I have been deep in solitude these past weeks. I have barely spoken to my housemate who is right here everyday, let alone friends and family further away.

I have a deep sense that being alone is critical to my growth right now. Whilst I can be fairly introverted this has gone against my ultimate desire for connection. I have struggled with guilt. Battled thoughts about the ways my family are judging my silence and distance, but through all that I have still found the way to give myself what I need: which is much more of me. I gift myself the blessing of my own attention. In my daily meditations I have visualised calling my spirit and my energy back into my body and this has been so healing. It’s a practice that is so important to highly sensitive empaths because we are so often feelings others, and we stay plugged into their energetic needs on an ongoing basis if we don’t learn how to close that off.

clown-and-star2The final card in this reading is the eight of water (stagnation). Below the four of air it is showing us what we are feeling that is driving our need to contemplate rather than intuit. It is more than simply the struggle to move forward. In this card the bowls are broken. I pulled clarifiers to see what this brokenness was about and I got two major arcana cards. This is going to be a pronounced energy this week and it relates to an important life lesson. The cards that came up were the star and the clown. Our sense of freedom, play and hope, our balance in our connection between light and dark, the interplay of earth and water, all these things will be broken this week. We are going to feel in the dark and alone at some point. This isn’t something you should fear. You are being asked once more to use this smoke to truly face your shadow side.


What are the illusions in your life right now? What’s blocking you that isn’t rooted in love and your personal truth? This Scorpio new moon is all about death and rebirth. Don’t give new life to what is old. Your creative power is so strong right now, and you are being given an opportunity to become completely clear on what you want to create with your life. Feel your fear and your doubt this week. Follow your emotions like a highly skilled investigator. Use the smoke as a canvas and see yourself. If you don’t like what’s there then clear it away and set an inner intention that is closer to your soul’s truth. Then move forward with it.


Leona Nichole Black