Leona Nichole Black is a passionate Educator, Tarot Therapist, and Wellbeing Advocate. She is a Black British Academic with a specialism in Cultural Studies; her Tarot & Astrology work fuses the intellectual & esoteric to explore routes to personal liberation and purposeful living.


My Tarot Services:



This remote audio tarot reading is a great introduction to my services! It’s approx 10mins and what my clients love is that you can replay it over the weeks and months and see how the guidance unfolds. It’s also a great option for tarot first-timers and those of you who are just curious about the divine arts.

In-Person Tarot Reading


I offer weekly tarot appointments in Waterloo, London, for clients who prefer to experience their reading in-person. You’ll have the space to talk about your questions and experiences. In turn I adopt the role of a spiritual counsellor, providing guidance based on the cards as well as drawing on my personal wisdom.


£40 – 50

I am flexibly available for tarot readings via Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts. Energy reading doesn’t have customs or border control! I can connect to your energy just as well remotely as I would in-person. I work with clients all over the world; video calls are a convenient way for you to access my services wherever you are.  

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