Why you lying? Mercury Retrogrades are Great!

Why you lying? Mercury Retrogrades are Great!

I am quite precise in my communication. In fact, when I’ve argued with lovers, they’ve told me “You meant to say that. You choose your words very carefully”. It’s true. I’m Virgo sun and moon, ruled by Mercury; I’m very discriminating in my communication. So I’ve been quite hesitant about saying publicly that I don’t see mercury retrogrades as the nightmares they are often described as. I feared it was a facetious thing to say, and therefore I’d be bound to attract an awful retrograde experience to teach my pride a lesson.  But whatever, it’s my truth. I’m learning not to suppress the things I truly think, or the bass in my voice.

Behind the veil of my careful comms was the most efficient repression of all thoughts and feelings I didn’t think were ‘good’. It created a very cool and restricted expression of myself. I am not one to lose control; and since I am not omniscient and omnipresent this makes life stressful, not to mention boring AF. Especially because it was affecting my sexual energy too. I’m skilful for sure (Virgo pursuit of perfection), but I’ve found it hard to uncap and freely express my deep running passion.

More recently, I’ve cut the censorship. Think ‘The Lobster’ –  absurdist dystopian black comedy film. It happens to be one of my favourites, and I’m just as wry and sardonic inwardly. I discovered my anger in the dim light of my private mind, as well as a propensity to be disinterested in a whole lot of shit I’m supposed to care about. Like Shea Moisture and their all hair matters campaign. LMAO. Nope. That debacle is on the waiting list of my waiting list.

My typically repressed subconscious thoughts have been much easier to access during this mercury retrograde transit, which turns all our communicative focus inward. My intuition has been turned all the way up, and I have been accessing my unconscious self in the abstraction of my dream state, thanks to my significant Neptune aspects. This is one of the reasons Mercury retrogrades are so meaningful.

No doubt, I’ve had some of the disruptions mercury RX is known for, but I’ve been able to see them as important redirections. For example, I said a bunch of things from my heart, crazy vulnerable. Re-thought it shortly after and decided not to share. I retracted the messages. I saw them get deleted with my own eyes. For some reason, later in the day I felt like I should look again, and there they all were! I laughed. I said okay universe, you want me to communicate my truth, we good.

Not impressed? Think that was easy. Okay. What’s been tougher during this transit is feeling misunderstood and misconstrued. Another common Mercury RX experience. A few days ago, a close friend and I had a heated debate first thing in the morning about manifestation. Yes, lmao, MANIFESTATION. It upset me. I was in the shower reflecting deeply afterwards, but ultimately it lead to a clearer understanding for both of us. As well as strengthening our bond by demonstrating our ability to be in conflict without losing each other, and our mutual patience in getting to the other side of things. There have been other conversations, especially on WhatsApp, where I’ve been like “is this person even reading the words I’m typing?’, but the upset and frustration that resulted gave me a chance to see myself more clearly and to heal. As I said earlier, natal Chiron in Gemini, communicating with others is one of my core wounds; and if you are reading this then you also know it’s one of my most powerful gifts. That’s the way the universe works.

So what else is poppin’ about a mercury RX? I came across a list of 5 things via the blog Well and Good. Here’s my personal take on it:

  1. A great time to change your habits

I think this is most powerful at the level of your thoughts. This is a time when you can more easily shift out of your limiting beliefs. Mercury retrograde is currently conjunct freedom loving Uranus, so you are more inclined to be able to see and understand things from a different perspective. In fact, I literally stopped mid flow of this article, because I had a flash of insight about myself, and needed to write a personal aside. So go on, change your mind.

  1. Introspection will bring you clarity

Can I stress this any further? This is why you are cautioned not to make big decisions, start difficult conversations, or sign contracts during a Merc RX. How seriously you take all that is up to you, but the point is, it’s a time of self-evaluation and gaining clarity so that you can communicate your true thoughts and values at the end of the process – which I might add, is not always at the end of the retrograde period. In my opinion, when we are discussing planetary transits we are talking about energy, i.e. influences on you.

For example, the fact that it is raining outside won’t stop you going to work, it will cause a sensible person to shift their behaviour, i.e. use an umbrella. You could also behave exactly as you would on a sunny day. The rain does not control you. You might get sick though. Equally you might not. So if you want to take action during an RX transit, do so, just factor in the conditions and prepare for it. Maybe you need to have a difficult conversation with a family member, but you know miscommunication is heightened during an RX. You could decide to improve your clarity, and to actively be more patient with the other person if they aren’t understanding you. Adapt.

  1. Mantras adopted during this period will be more powerful.

I mean, I don’t know about all that. Let me know your experiences of this in the comments.

  1. Increased creativity

For sure, especially creative communication. Despite my muted Mars energy right now, I have been writing and producing with ease. As you cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself, it stands to reason that you will want to express that out into the world in some way.

  1. Your intuition will be stronger

This is especially great for those of you who are yet to really explore this area. Here’s a cool story: I’m moving soon, and a friend of mine reminded me yesterday that he had a dream almost a year ago about my relocation and some of the specifics of it. At the time, he had told me about it in an off-hand manner, and I had completely dismissed the possibility.

For both of us, it was a call to deepen our connection to our intuition. He found it quite uncanny. We talked about the difference between intuition and fear, and I think I can say that he is now more open to trusting his intuition. For me, it was confirmation and a pat on the back from the universe for overcoming my initial resistance to any kind of change in my environment.

Mercury is one of the most frequently retrograding planets, so don’t let anyone put you in the doomsday vibe. That’s too much time out of your year spent worrying and frustrated. Mercury retrogrades are great. Talk to your damn self for once!

Leona Nichole Black