Common Questions – Tarot & Spirituality

Common Questions – Tarot & Spirituality

How do I book a tarot reading with you?

To book a reading you can email me at, or contact me via my Facebook page, and from there we can agree an appointment. I am currently based in South London for in-person readings, and I offer Facetime/Skype remote readings too. I accept payment via paypal, and this must be received at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

It’s important to note that whilst I practice Tarot as a healing and transformational tool, it cannot and should not replace medical health advice from a trained professional. You should never forgo seeing a doctor if you have any concerns about your physical health.

What kind of tarot reader are you?

I am an intuitive and empathic tarot practitioner with a holistic approach. This means I integrate astrology, numerology, Black radical pedagogy, and other forms of alternative knowledge into my spiritual practice.

By profession I’m a cultural sociologist and passionate educator, and this informs my approach to the spiritual arts. I believe in the integration of the mind and the heart; that the intellectual has a place in the spiritual, and this can be the most beautiful and empowering aspect of the esoteric.

Why do you talk about Blackness so much, spirituality has nothing to do with race?

An understanding of spiritual laws and principles can help us to transcend the pathology of the racial hierarchy in our global culture, but the purpose of that transcendence is transformation of every aspect of the human condition.

Rather than a withdrawal from life, it requires us to engage with our society even more closely and deliberately. For me, that is through the lens of Blackness. By very nature of being born a Black woman my primary commitment is to the healing of my community and culture, though my work goes much broader than this.

By using both my personal experience, and my professional expertise in the field of critical race studies, I identity the areas of Black life most in need of radical spiritual attention, and the best methods of practicing radical love in the context of Blackness.

Do you give astrological/birth chart readings?

Yes. I’m an avid student of astropsychology and astrological counselling. I truly believe the greatest power of astrology is not necessarily in the pursuit of future predictions, but in gaining an understanding of our inner patterns & proclivities, and using this information for fundamental transformation of the personality toward a more balanced and empowered life. The astrological birth chart is the key to this. If you would like a birth chart reading please email me at

Why do you charge for some of your work/readings, shouldn’t spiritual work just be about service and not profit?

No doubt I do this because I love to, and because it allows me to be of service. But nothing in this world is “free” even if we aren’t in the habit of acknowledging the complexity of cost. Some things cost us time, or emotion, or physical energy, typing this right now is costing me electricity! Everything we do is based on the principle of exchange, and payment – which doesn’t have to be monetary – is a way of establishing value.

If it were practical & efficient, I would do a tarot reading in exchange for a delicious home cooked meal for example. Your girl likes to eat! But in all seriousness, poverty consciousness and scarcity awareness can cultivate a negative understanding of money. It’s an exchange. It’s a benign resource. Your payment helps to sustain my life’s work, and my wisdom and insight can help to sustain and transform yours.