Hi Leona,

I wanted to thank you so much for the reading. I cannot describe the sense of self assuredness I feel, the peace and trust in myself. This is all a gift from the reading. Thank you especially for holding space for me, for unearthing and helping me name the thing that I find most difficult and most painful to fully confront. I will never forget that.
I am thinking of you and telling all the black women I know about your work. Thank you so much.

– Tally | 30/07/17


Thank you so much for the reading yesterday Leona. I’m still processing it all tbh. Was so compassionately honest and resonant. Having my truths validated by The All High, I feel much more congruent for real. Your tarot reading really emboldened me babe – thank you so much!!

– Isabella | 02/06/17

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