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"One of the primary areas through which we have been recovering the deficit of respect is by eliciting desire. By all means I want us to cultivate a progressive sexual politics, but I’m not convinced that ‘Bad bitching’ and ‘thotfulness’ alone are realisations of our collective Black feminist vision(s). Disrespectability is a race to the bottom. Ultimately we are still reckoning with the ascribed Madonna or self-titled whore. We are working on being the best antithesis of a respected woman, but if that version of ourselves is predominantly expressed through our projected availability for sex, then we remain within the consumptive demands of capitalist patriarchy. However we choose to flavour it, we are still ‘selling hot pussy’. (bell hooks, 1992)"

Extract from Disrespectability, Black Feminism, & a Race to the Bottom, by Leona Nichole Black



Journal | Healing & Personal Growth

These are my thoughts in flux. Not pretty post-lesson platitudes. No airbrushing or after-effects. Just the experiences I'm having, the philosophies I'm exploring, the ideas I'm testing, in real time as they happen. A whole lot of mind changing. Some struggle. Some growth. But ultimately an attempt at deep connection through creative dialogue with you.

Tarot & Birth Chart Readings | Spirituality

I am an intuitive and empathic tarot practitioner with a holistic approach. This means I integrate astrology, numerology, Black radical pedagogy, and other forms of alternative knowledge into my spiritual practice.

By profession I’m a cultural sociologist and passionate educator, and this informs my approach to the spiritual arts. I believe in the integration of the mind and the heart; that the intellectual has a place in the spiritual, and this can be the most beautiful and empowering aspect of the esoteric.

Project Black | Black British Academic

I'm a cultural Sociologist based at the University of Leeds, Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies. My specialist research areas include Black British Studies, Black Popular Culture & Aesthetics, and Digital Blackness. I'm currently completing my doctoral thesis titled “Beyond the Problem of Blackness. Follow my journey...

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Leona Nichole Black is a cultural sociologist and creative conversationalist. She works as a passionate educator, Black mental health advocate, and tarot practitioner.
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