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"One of the primary areas through which we have been recovering the deficit of respect is by eliciting desire. By all means I want us to cultivate a progressive sexual politics, but I’m not convinced that ‘Bad bitching’ and ‘thotfulness’ alone are realisations of our collective Black feminist vision(s). Disrespectability is a race to the bottom. Ultimately we are still reckoning with the ascribed Madonna or self-titled whore. We are working on being the best antithesis of a respected woman, but if that version of ourselves is predominantly expressed through our projected availability for sex, then we remain within the consumptive demands of capitalist patriarchy. However we choose to flavour it, we are still ‘selling hot pussy’. (bell hooks, 1992)"

Extract from Disrespectability, Black Feminism, & a Race to the Bottom, by Leona Nichole Black




Sorry it's taken me a while to put my thoughts down in writing, but my tarot reading with you a few weeks ago hasn't left me at all.

It's actually opened the door for an exciting, albeit difficult, phase of self-reflection that I've never experienced - which is funny because I always thought of myself as introspective, but even with that, I guess I had my own blind spots.

In short: you were amazing. Caring, patient, loving - taking the time to find out how best you could help me with your gift; creating a welcoming space in which I could be open and explore. Thank you so much. (And my boyfriend would probably thank you too because since then, it's admittedly been easier for me to recognise and correct my crazy, lol.)

Much love!


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